coastal Wizards Electrical Services has the ability to act as the principle contractor for an electrically centered project. We can provide complete job project management as well as a quality team electricians to ensure that the project is completed in a timely manner that meets all the clients requirements as well as meeting all regulations and Australian Standards. Things like a complete data installation for a commercial space including a dedicated communications room, a new UPS system incorporated into an existing electrical system or installing a new generator backup system with automatic or manual change over's for Commercial, Industrial or Rural applications are but a few examples of where you can benefit employing Coastal Wizards Electrical Services as your principle contractor to ensure all trades are working to a common goal.

So if you have an electrically centered project and require a contractor with the know how and skill levels to ensure a smooth and effective completion of your project then contact Coastal Wizards Electrical Services on 0412 093 005 or at

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